One of my ongoing projects is to combine my poem writing skills and sketching skills (if you can call them ‘skills’) and make comic depictions of my poems. This sketch is the first attempt at doing that. Thanks to Rohini Bhandari for her poems-to-comics idea and to for continuing to inspire me to sketch meaningful comics. 

Poem :

Ek taraf hain beintihaan gehraayiyaan
Ek taraf beintihaan unchaayiyaan
Upar neela Aasmaan
Baadal bana rahe apni hi kahaaniyaan
In nazaaron mein dhoondh rahi meri aankhein
Kuchh aur hi parchhaayiyaan.

I don’t know if I can translate hindi into english without losing the essence of what I originally meant, but I can give it a try :

One one side are infinite depths
Endless heights on another
Above me is the blue sky
With clouds forming their own stories
I am looking for reflections of my own life
in these beautiful sights.

Background :

I wrote this when I was in Puerto Rico, with the vast sea in front of me, beautiful mountains behind me, clear blue sky with pretty clouds, making me think about the meaning of life and reflect upon it (obviously!), helping me appreciate the infinite. The last panel could be interpreted as a girl thinking of her mother who she idealizes, her grandmother who she misses dearly, or herself ten years from now – she is inspired to search for these reflections in the sights that she sees.