A number of things have to happen for each of us to get anywhere. And if we are meant to be there, those things will happen. When they are happening, it is hard to believe that they are going to lead us to a place where we are really meant to be. It’s only when we get there do we realize that it’s where we always wanted to be… we call it destiny, fate, luck.. but it is simply.. LIFE!

And what better way to talk about life than through comics! I will be posting comics about everything that affects my life, and lives of those around me – inspirations, struggles, events, and also things I come across in daily life –  faces on the street, scenes from a movie, passages from a book, lyrics to a song, my own poems –  anything and everything I find worthy of being comicated  :) 

Hopefully every visit to this site will make your life a little bit easier, a little more tolerable :)




1. to present in the form of a comic         

2011-2012; attributed to Chhavi Goenka 🙂